We want to connect people all across Europe. We want to do it through golf and culture. We want to blend technological organising and original human experiencing with respect to sustain green enviroment in order to provide you with customer‑shaped authentic travel package and purposeful service in every detail. Taste Czech golf, culture and gastronomy with Ypsilon Travel.

You wish - we design

Project Ypsilon Travel has been developed with intention to enable golf players and passionate travellers playing on the golf courses, cultural and gastronomical experience and relaxing surrounded by the mountains and nature in the Czech Republic.

We have tailored a travel package and supported it by organisational service to ease you up.

Course and locality

Our course is located in Jizera Mountains near the city Liberec. This fact implies it is a natural and way hilly course. Its morphological composition brings chalenging experience by playing such a course - it is necessary to play it at least two or three times to get on with it. The author and designer of the course is famous Keith Preston who, in accordance with his own philosophy, has preserved all the enviromental elements and genuine biotops. Ypsilon Golf Resort is a golf course originally embedded in natural surroundings. It is quite quiet and peaceful.

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Plan your trip


It will be our plesure to arrange a special programme for you on your golf-free day. How about a visit of The Škoda Auto Museum in Mladá Boleslav, a tour to Ještěd Tower, the symbol of Liberec region or a day in Prague? Let us pamper you during your stay.


The most important element of our service is flexibility. The packages are designed with a fixed programe. However, if you are the kind of person giving preference to present moment we will gladly adapt to your wishes.


We can arrange a full package for you including your tickets, car rental or travel insurance.
You can also come to our resort by car or a motorhome, of cource.


We cordially invite you to spend your leisure time in the Czech Republic with YPSILON TRAVEL.